Home? What is home?
Home? What is home?

Home? What is home?

The first thing that comes into your mind when the you hear this word ”home” is a house, a building or an apartment. But there’s way more to the word ‘home’ other than a built structure of four walls

“Sometimes home isn’t just four walls only, it is two eyes and a heartbeat.”
Home can be more than a place. Sometimes it can be a person too. Someone who can make you feel comfortable. Someone who can make you feel warm and safe. Someone who can hold you in their arms when you’re at your worst.
It can be more than one person too. Like to me it’s can be my best friend, my parents and my wife too. Can be a group of people too. Like I can say I feel like home when I’m with my whole family even we out somewhere other than our house.

“You can buy a house but not a home”

You can buy a million dollar mansion and still don’t feel like home in it or can have a simple apartment and feel like home in it. Because
sometimes it’s people who make a place a home. Important people, like people you love, people that make you happy. In other words home is just a happy place, a safe place, where you can be yourself without the fear of being judged. Where you can be weak too sometimes. Vulnerable too. Where you can let your guard down without having the fear of being attacked.

Everyone has their own meaning of home. Doesn’t even has to be people in particular too, it can be a pet too, some car too.
Home is basically a place full of our safest sounds.

Everyone has their own type of home even if it’s a person, place or thing, it’s just what gives you peace and makes you feel safe and feel at home.

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