What is life?
What is life?

What is life?

“You die everyday, just to live and to die one day”

Everyone has a different definition about life. What is life? It depends on your vision, how you see it, how you feel it, how you consume your time.

Life is short. And if life is short, then moving quickly matters. Launch the product. Write the book. Ask the question. Take the chance. Speak up. Be thoughtful but get moving.

”Life is not a dress rehearsal” this is probably it. Make it count.
Time is extremely limited and goes by so fast.

Do what makes you happy and fulfilled, few people get remembered hundreds of years after they die anyway. Don’t do stuff that doesn’t make you happy ( this happens mostly when other people want you to do something).

Don’t spend time trying to maintain relationships with people you don’t like anymore, and cut negative people out of your life…

“The days are long but the decades, they’re are short”

You have limited energy don’t waste it on negative things.. don’t let anyone anchor you down, I repeat no one.

Just try be happy because happiness is just a state of mind it’s just about how you see world or your life, don’t let others control your vision, your decisions or anything related to that because you are you, you can’t be someone else and you are unique and nobody could ever be you. Be the “you” you want to see in someone else. You can have everything in life and be unhappy, or can have nothing at all and be happy. It’s just how you see it, make it.

Life is definitely not easy because it was never supposed to. Just try living while you’re still alive, don’t be afraid of making mistakes and falling, be afraid not to get up and not to try something you wanna try before you die. Just go for it, take the step, make it happen. You don’t have much to lose anyway. But a lot to gain.

Life, a different story

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